More bad news from Trinidad and Tobago

As a Trini certain things keep you up at night. Why are politicians so dotish? How did Trinidad become the sixth most dangerous country in the world? The people who sells drinks on the highway, where do they pee? Where do they wash their hands? It isn’t in the icy water that has the drinks right?

For 2022, we’ve had 275 killings to date . On July 2nd There were eight murders. the next day, near la brea, sea pirates robbed two fisherman of their boat, their boat engines and ordered them to put on their life jackets and jump overboard. As a Trini who has grown accustomed to the idea that when you get rob chances are you going and dead I just want to thank jack Sparrow and his crew for giving them fellas a life jacket before you tell them to walk the plank. and to people who like boats, let this be a reminder to walk with your life jackets because you never know when you’re going to bounce up pirates of the Caribbean.

on 4th July around 10 AM, fiery protests in port of Spain over police-related shooting deaths. Three men dead, young fellas in their twenties, a teenager.

I dunno nah, boy.

You think about them fishermen in la brea who had to jump in the water how terrified they must have been. I mean… you’ basically between a rock and a hard place. Your life’ at stake. On one hand you have pirates with guns and on the other hand you have to jump in that dutty water. No wonder the police tell the survivors to seek medical help.