I’m a Caribbean Content Creator. Here are my Big Hairy Audacious Goals for 2024.

As a Caribbean writer, YouTuber and podcaster I’m not in the habit of setting goals. I trust my instinct. For the most part, I wing it. Since 2008 I’ve been winging it as a self-published writer and a YouTuber. I write when I feel like it; record when I feel like it; publish when I feel I like it. Not accountable to anyone, including myself. I guess that makes me an amateur. Right?

I want to approach 2024 differently. Set goals. Consistent posting schedules. Commit. Hit them. As you read the goals I’ve outlined please bear in mind that, for the most part, instinct is driving me, and the knowledge of my audience. Hopefully, some of the items can help you on your journey.

Understand my audience and genre more. I’m a lifestyle vlogger from Trinidad. I like dark humour, human interest stories and political satire. Through surveys, comments and offline interactions I’m building a clearer picture of what I like versus what my audience wants. Are you considering your audience?

Learn more. Read more. Listen to more useful podcasts. Learn from and engage my peers more. Peers like Juma Bannister from Trinidad who produces an extremely useful podcast named Useful Content.

Write more. Publish 2 blog posts every week. One on Monday and Thursday at 8:00 AM sharp. Writing is the foundation on which EVERYTHING else is based. Here’s my thinking. If I write more, I’ll generate more ideas. By publishing 2 articles weekly I’ll keep the website fresh. And each article is a potential podcast episode.

Select 2 social media platforms and stick to them. I’m hedging my bets on YouTube and… X formerly Twitter. YouTube for video: shorts, long-form and live streams. Although YouTube is a powerful search engine, I know it’s going to be hard to stick to one platform for video. Here’s why: on my Tik Tok and Facebook page, my videos often achieve viral success. But here’s the thing. As a solo creator, it’s impossible to engage with followers in multiple places. Plus my Tik Tok isn’t monetised; neither is Facebook. As a content creator from the Caribbean I haven’t figured out how to monetise either, and there’s little evidence that suggests viewers who discovered my videos on Tik Tok and Facebook jumped across to my YouTube channel which is monetised. Why X? So I can stay abreast of conversations specific to my genre.

Publish AT LEAST one YouTube shorts every day. I love creating videos that are under a minute long. Whether it’s political satire, a segment from a podcast, or a family vlog with a voiceover. When it comes to building an audience my most popular short has so far brought in 147 subscribers. More importantly though the time constraint challenges my writing and editing skills.

Publish at least one long-form video every week. While shorts help build an audience they don’t generate a lot of revenue on my channel. This may surprise you but, without a consistent sponsor, every time I film a video I lose money. I love what I do, and I do it, but as I do it I lose money. Real talk.

Publish one podcast episode per week: every Tuesday at 8:00 AM. In 2022 I started a podcast called Caribbean Content Creators. Then my wife and I launched Life, Love and Trinidad. In 2023 I published episodes when I felt like it. Sometimes months passed before a new release. Remember those 3 articles I’m committing to publishing every week. I plan to batch-write and subsequently record episodes.

Speak to 2 Caribbean Content Creators every month. Learn about their backstory, the tools they use and tips they have for other content creators. If you’re a content creator and you’d like to chat on the podcast feel free to message me on Instagram. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with David Rudder? I’d love to have him on as a guest.

The mission to send Farmer Harry to Antigua

Raise money to send Farmer Harry to Antigua. Farmer Harry is a farmer who lives off-grid in Trinidad. When we met in 2021 two things surprised me: it surprised me that there were people in Trinidad who still lived without electricity and water; it surprised me that Farmer Harry was 61 and didn’t have a birth paper or national identification card. Back then, he didn’t have a passport. He still does not have a passport. While I was on a family vacation in Tobago it suddenly dawned on me that despite years of long toilings, Farmer Harry never left Trinidad. Subsequently, I asked him if he could choose one Caribbean island where would he visit? He replied, “I’d go to Antigua?” I raised an eyebrow. “Why Antigua?” He watched me. “Because Antigua has a beach for every day of the year”. In December 2023, after months of runaround, Farmer Harry got his national identification card. In January 2024, we begin work on getting his passport. Through sponsors and donations, we’ve so far raised around TTD $7,000. The target is TTD $17,500. If you’d like to sponsor a video or donate to Farmer Harry’s trip to Antigua, please fill out this contact form.

Work for a company as an In-house creator. This sounds crazy. But rather than find multiple sponsors for multiple videos I’d love to work for one company in 2024. One good company. One that’s willing to bring me to help build their business and generate leads with the skills I have as a videographer, writer, programmer and podcaster. If you own a business and you’re interested in talking, contact me at (868)487-9115.

Offer coaching services. Over the years I’ve gained experience as a writer and YouTuber. My strengths are storytelling and using humour to enhance stories. In 2023 I’ve helped aspiring YouTubers and writers. For free. In 2024 I’m offering coaching services to businesses and content creators who want to use storytelling and humour to create better content and generate more leads. If you own a business and you’d like to chat, feel free to book a consultation here.

Are you a content creator? What are your goals for 2024? I’d love to hear them. Feel free to let me know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “I’m a Caribbean Content Creator. Here are my Big Hairy Audacious Goals for 2024.

    1. lyndonbaptiste Post author

      Hi, Brian, it’s an absolute pleasure to see you here. I suspect I’ve bitten off a lot but not more than I can chew. At least for now. The one thing I’m suspicious of is going all in on YouTube shorts and ignoring other platforms since my vertical videos perform a lot better on these platforms versus YouTube. I’m focussing heavily on writing.


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