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Do you celebrate your wins?

I have a really hard time celebrating my wins. I’m a writer and content creator. When I hit milestones I acknowledge them, but not for too long. At the beginning of 2024, I shared my goals in a YouTube Video and episode 36 of the Caribbean Content Creators Podcast. Today I want to celebrate accomplishing one of those goals. A major goal. I have this very ambitious goal that I’ve been walking around with since 2022. The dream is to send a coworker of mine named Farmer Harry to Antigua. If you’re a new reader I’ll just put it into perspective quickly. Farmer Harry lives off the grid in Caura, Trinidad, on a lovely mountainous slope of land that he cultivates with Scotch Bonnet peppers, plantains, ginger and lime trees. It’s fantastic. Look him up on YouTube.

Farmer Harry is 61. In 2023, for the first time, he got his birth paper. Then in late 2024, he got his national identification card. We’re currently working on his passport. In 2022 or 2023 it occured to me that he had never left the island because of not having his passport. I asked him if he could go anywhere in the world where would he visit, and he said Antigua. We set the goal to raise TTD 17,500, which is maybe about 3,500 USD. I put the word out with the hope that I could do sponsored videos and raise the capital to send Farmer Harry to Antigua.

Interestingly, people started donating to Farmer Harry. Some of them anonymously. For transparency reasons, I created a Google spreadsheet that I made available to the public. You can view our progress here.

In 2023 things moved slowly. For Farmer Harry. And for me. I created content, but not content that focussed on Farmer Harry’s trip. In late 2023 when he showed me his identification card, I launched into 2024. Reestablished my goals in a YouTube video and podcast episode. On Sunday, 04 January 2024, someone reached out to me on Instagram. Suzy’s Roti Parlour in New York. Long story short they said they wanted to contribute the outstanding balance to Farmer Harry’s trip to Antigua. Within days they delivered. Amazing.

I’m sharing the story hoping that it inspires you. Sometimes, you’re quietly working in the background, with no support, no applause, thinking that you’re not accomplishing anything. No breakthrough is in sight, and you’re working long, hard hours, feeling like this is going absolutely nowhere. But. You never know who’s paying attention. Keep going. Thanks, Suzy Roti’s Parlour.

Powered by Suzy’s Roti Parlour in New York: ⁠http://www.suzysroti.com/⁠ Directions: https://maps.app.goo.gl/RZvRhTTamfSoJMkUA

The Redwall Report: Thursday, 22 September, 2022

Homeless man puts pipe on woman in Port of Spain

A young woman employed with Rhand Credit Union was attacked and beaten yesterday by a homeless man in Port-of-Spain.

Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Businessman Hugh Leong Poi has been charged with conspiring to defraud the State of $1.4 million in motor vehicle taxes from the purchase of a $2.3 million Mercedes-Benz AMG G63.

Trinidad Express Newspapers

Launch of Carnival 2023 postponed

The National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago (NCC) today announced that the launch, originally carded for September 24 (Republic Day),  is now set to take place on November 5 at 4 pm.

Loop TT

Amazon Warriors close out thrilling win

Guyana Amazon Warriors got off to a winning start on their home leg of the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) with a thrilling victory over the Jamaica Tallawahs


More bad news from Trinidad and Tobago

As a Trini certain things keep you up at night. Why are politicians so dotish? How did Trinidad become the sixth most dangerous country in the world? The people who sells drinks on the highway, where do they pee? Where do they wash their hands? It isn’t in the icy water that has the drinks right?

For 2022, we’ve had 275 killings to date . On July 2nd There were eight murders. the next day, near la brea, sea pirates robbed two fisherman of their boat, their boat engines and ordered them to put on their life jackets and jump overboard. As a Trini who has grown accustomed to the idea that when you get rob chances are you going and dead I just want to thank jack Sparrow and his crew for giving them fellas a life jacket before you tell them to walk the plank. and to people who like boats, let this be a reminder to walk with your life jackets because you never know when you’re going to bounce up pirates of the Caribbean.

on 4th July around 10 AM, fiery protests in port of Spain over police-related shooting deaths. Three men dead, young fellas in their twenties, a teenager.

I dunno nah, boy.

You think about them fishermen in la brea who had to jump in the water how terrified they must have been. I mean… you’ basically between a rock and a hard place. Your life’ at stake. On one hand you have pirates with guns and on the other hand you have to jump in that dutty water. No wonder the police tell the survivors to seek medical help.