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Errol Fabien on Stand-Up Comedy in Trinidad

Errol Fabien is a comedian, and television and radio presenter from Trinidad and Tobago. Born in Guapo, Point Fortin, he’s number 6 of 9 children. He attended Naparima College, where he studied theater. In 1978 he joined the West Indian Theather Company. He’s appeared in ads, plays and movies with a role in Men of Grey: Flight of the Ibis. In 2004 he cofounded Gayelle to spread local content. As a writer I have benefited from Gayelle.

Errol Fabien and Lyndon Baptiste on Caribbean Content Creators

Lyndon Baptiste: Have you written any books?

Errol Fabien: No I have not written any books. I’ve written some articles, I have written structures for bigger shows, you know like when producing shows script stuff but I haven’t written any books okay I have quite a few books in me to be written, quite a few.

Lyndon Baptiste: If you wrote a book what would you call it?

Errol Fabien: I would write one called Running out of tears; Running out of tears because I cry a lot and sometimes I think I’m gonna run out of Tears because of things that affect me so deeply. Not only things that hurt me, you know, I cry a lot when I’m happy too. I have a wife. We’re gonna be four years married soon and she can’t get over it up to now. She says I always always cry so much because you know part of it, Lyndon, is that when I was drugging, when I was an active addict for all those years I didn’t feel anything and I did not allow myself to feel anything so today I embrace all of my emotions and there are some things that if I see it a hundred times right I’m gonna cry a hundred times.

Lyndon Baptiste: So you’re probably one of the worst people to watch an Indian movie with?

Kevin Jared Hosein on winning the Commonwealth Prize

Kevin Jared Hosein is an award-winning writer from Trinidad. In 2015, he was the Caribbean regional winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Competition. In 2018 he won the prize with a story named Passage. It’s a compelling story written in Creole. To date, he’s published three books. His first novel The Repenters was long-listed for the 2017 OCM Bocas award. His upcoming novel, Hungry Ghosts, is slated for publication as a major lead title in 2023 by Bloomsbury Publishing. Bloomsbury is the same publishing house that published the Harry Potter Books.

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Trini Style with Dinesh

Lyndon Baptiste: Today we’re talking YouTube with a YouTuber named “Trini Stye with Dinesh”. You joined YouTube on the 27th of June 2013. Sometime around September 2013 you posted 127 videos. You’ve grown your channel to almost 4 000 subscribers and 1 million views. I’m looking forward so much to talking about YouTube strategy uh monetization and how you go about promoting your videos right so before we get started on all that good stuff tell me a little bit about what inspired you to start posting content on YouTube back in 2013.

Trini Style with Dinesh: I was always fascinated by social media. We started with Facebook. Then we went to WhatsApp and YouTuber. I decided to take a bigger step into YouTube because I always considered it a wider platform for social media content. I always wanted to highlight the tassa group.

Lyndon Baptiste: Before we talk about YouTube monetization what gear do you use?

Trini Style with Dinesh: A Samsung Note 10. No external microphone but I have a gimbal and a GoPro 11. I edit all my videos on an app I bought for my phone.

On the go? Listen to the podcast here:

Web Design Bookcamp

Are you interested in learning the basics of web design? I can help. In early 2000 I started learning programming on my own. A deep passion for programming led me to COSTAATT; and the School of Business where I graduated from the University of Greenwich with First Class Honours. I’m also the first Zend Certified Engineer in the Caribbean.

For years I’ve toyed with the idea of teaching programming and web development to students. To kick things off I’m starting a Web Design Bootcamp where I’ll introduce students to the basics of HTML and CSS. In the workshop, I’ll also reveal tools and websites students can use to launch their very own website. Every Monday I’ll offer a two-and-a-half-hour workshop that starts at 6:00 PM. The workshop costs TTD $250 (roughly USD $40). Please note that payment must be received prior to the workshop via cash deposit or online transfer. To register use the Calendly form below:

Once registered, you can issue payment to the following banking details:

Lyndon Baptiste
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Chequing ACC# 100019110261427