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If you’re a Caribbean writer I can teach you how to design and self-publish your book. I’m Lyndon, a writer from Trinidad and Tobago. In 2008 I finished my first manuscript. Naturally, I started looking for a traditional publisher. I started searching online. Trying to connect with literary agents and publishing houses In the UK and United States. No luck. So I started searching locally in Trinidad. Called around. No luck. Left messages. No luck. That didn’t stop me.

In 2008, we jumped through a series of hoops and launched Potbake Productions. Since then we’ve published 12 books and helped more than 30 first-time Caribbean writers get published. Quite a story. Along the way, I made mistakes that cost me thousands of dollars. You don’t need expensive software. You don’t need to hire an expensive graphic artist. I can show you the slippery paths, and how to save money when it comes to editing, formatting, and publishing eBooks.

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