Errol Fabien on Stand-Up Comedy in Trinidad

Errol Fabien is a comedian, and television and radio presenter from Trinidad and Tobago. Born in Guapo, Point Fortin, he’s number 6 of 9 children. He attended Naparima College, where he studied theater. In 1978 he joined the West Indian Theather Company. He’s appeared in ads, plays and movies with a role in Men of Grey: Flight of the Ibis. In 2004 he cofounded Gayelle to spread local content. As a writer I have benefited from Gayelle.

Errol Fabien and Lyndon Baptiste on Caribbean Content Creators

Lyndon Baptiste: Have you written any books?

Errol Fabien: No I have not written any books. I’ve written some articles, I have written structures for bigger shows, you know like when producing shows script stuff but I haven’t written any books okay I have quite a few books in me to be written, quite a few.

Lyndon Baptiste: If you wrote a book what would you call it?

Errol Fabien: I would write one called Running out of tears; Running out of tears because I cry a lot and sometimes I think I’m gonna run out of Tears because of things that affect me so deeply. Not only things that hurt me, you know, I cry a lot when I’m happy too. I have a wife. We’re gonna be four years married soon and she can’t get over it up to now. She says I always always cry so much because you know part of it, Lyndon, is that when I was drugging, when I was an active addict for all those years I didn’t feel anything and I did not allow myself to feel anything so today I embrace all of my emotions and there are some things that if I see it a hundred times right I’m gonna cry a hundred times.

Lyndon Baptiste: So you’re probably one of the worst people to watch an Indian movie with?