Open Broadcaster Software

Today we’re talking about Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS. It’s a free software for offline video recording and live streaming that you could use to level up your recordings and livestreams. And! the great news is it works on Mac and Windows.

The tool gives you a canvas and you can mix a variety of audio and video
sources to a single output for creative video and broadcast applications.

You can record straight to your desktop or broadcast to streaming services like Youtube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Twitter

Choose the right settings: Choosing the right settings is crucial for recording high-quality videos. Make sure to select the appropriate resolution, frame rate, and bitrate based on your computer’s specs and the content you’re recording. Keep in mind that higher settings require more processing power and may affect your recording’s performance.

Use hotkeys and shortcuts: OBS offers many useful hotkeys and shortcuts that can help you streamline your recording process. For example, you can use hotkeys to start and stop recordings, switch between scenes, and adjust audio and video settings on the fly. Familiarize yourself with these shortcuts to save time and improve your workflow.

Audio quality matters: Audio is just as important as video quality, if not more. Make sure to use a high-quality microphone and adjust the audio settings in OBS. You can also add filters, such as noise suppression and compression, to enhance the audio quality further.