Trinidad News: 22 July 2022

Here’s what’s going on in Trinidad.

In Mayaro police arrested six men who owe over $350,000 in child maintenance. How much children them have? That’s years in maintenance. Bear in mind that if a respondent doesn’t pay child support police can come for you after a month.

Now, every week on this show we’re going to be giving away a pest of the week award. Up until a week ago, The biggest pests in Trinidad were customs officers, but they’ve been now moved from first to second place. Maxi drivers are fourth. This week, the pest of the week award goes to the folks in the scrap iron industry. Allyuh take the cake. Allyuh thiefing anything: barricades, telephone wires, menhole covers, . Homeowners around the country have suffered losses. Recently someone stole church bell. It’s gotten so bad that the governnment has threatened to shut down the industry. To which, the association responded (and this is important) that it wouldn’t be hard to identify errant dealers. Come on! That is the equivalent of a neighbourhood where everybody except the police knows who the drug pushers are. Anyway, I just want to take this time to present the scrap iron industry with the pest of the week award. It’s made out of wood.

Years ago, we had EmailGate. Now we have GOATGATE. Is the prime minister working for two salaries? The UNC is considering writing the Integrity Commission over a goat and sheeps farm that the prime minister owns in Tobago. Meh!

Talking about goats. Tomorrow Machel Montano will receive the keys to Port of Spain. Since 2020 they’ve wanted to present him with the award but the event keep getting jumbie. I guess he’ll be the happiest man alive. one more time. Can you imagine, Machel, Tomrrow will be E.P.I.C. Huih.

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