Trinidad News: 16 Nov 2021

Forgive me I’m in a little bit of a bad mood.

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More and more I’m beginning to expect less and less from politicians in Trinidad and Tobago.

Before we talk about the Prime Minister, The SOE and St Ann’s let’s talk about safe zones and what it means to be fully vaccinated. A safe zone is a space for fully vaccinated customers. For example bars, casinos, gyms and cinemas.

If you live past Grand Bazaar, pay attention. Over the weekend, police fined three different bars and casinos over $100,00 in South Trinidad for breaching protocols.

According to the Ministry of Health, A fully vaccinated individual is one who has received the required number of doses of a WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccine and two weeks have passed since the final recommended vaccine dose was received.

So if you doctor gave you ivermectin and a prescription for bush medicine you aren’t fully vaccinated.

One shot of sinopharm doesn’t entitle you to one shot of white oak by the rumshop.

Two shots of Astrazeneca doesn’t entitle you to two shots of Puncheon the very next day because fourteen days haven’t passed.

The SOE in Trinidad and Tobago was supposed on November 30th.
The prime minister announced that The SOE in Trinidad and Tobago ends on November 17th as the SOE had achieved its objective. What exactly were those objectives? Great question. Back in August the PM defended the 9 to 5 curfew saying it was necessary to facilitate a vaccination drive and reduce movement and congregating that could trigger a third wave of the COVID-19 virus. Given a growing number of Covid-19 cases and deaths, to say that the SOE had achieved its objective makes as much sense as the prime minister boasting about how well he could drive a golf cart.

So it begs the question why end the SOE early? And in my opinion this decision all boils down to politics. Here’s the thing. If the government wanted to extend the SOE the move would have required opposition support, and the opposition made it clear that they didn’t support an extension. Religious leaders don’t support it, perhaps because virtual confession and collection never caught on in Trinidad.

So, ending the SOE early is actually a slap in the face for the opposition, religious leaders and perhaps the population. Politically it’s a brilliant move. Can you imagine the prime minister and Stuart Little sitting plotting the move. Faris is there, slim and trim, looking dapper as usual, with those thick eyebrows like Biff from sesame street.

The opposition would never expect us to life the SOE early.

Brilliant move, Sir, Brilliant.

Can you imagine the Prime Minster and the Attorney General talking?

“Do you think I’m doing a good job steering the country, Faris?”

“Sir, I trust you to steer anything… except a golf cart.”

Oh and just in case you don’t know what SOE stands for, an SOE is a female pig.

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