5 things I learned from starting a podcast

In November 2022 I started a podcast called Caribbean Content Creators, and after hitting 500 plays, I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far, in case you’re curious about podcasting.

1. You can use a free service like Anchor to upload your podcast episodes. I don’t know the pros and cons but as I learn I’ll share them with you.

2. While my content on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok is TOTALLY random I suspect a podcast has to be laser-focused. In this case, my target audience is primarily content creators. While I hardly think about who my target audience is on YouTube (to my detriment, of course), I realize, without knowing why, I’m thinking about my target audience for the podcast.

3. If you want to pull off a decent interview, you have to do at least “some” homework on your guests. Sure you could have a generic pool of questions but knowing “fine” details helps you process answers, and come up with random but meaningful questions during the interview.

4. For this point, I know what I want to say but I’m not sure how to say it. I’ll try… Apparently, listening really is an art. When you listen to people talk, particularly people who are passionate about their work or hobby, you learn “more” than technical details. Unfortunately, I can’t define “more” because I haven’t figured out exactly what “more” is. I’m tempted to say that “more” is “inspiration” but I suspect what I’m talking about is bigger than inspiration. I’ll come back to this sometime but in talking to people passionate about their work I’m developing a deeper appreciation for the work people do, and not just the interviewee but people I observe every day, the policeman, the taxi driver, the licensing officer (maybe I’m pushing it too far with the licensing officer).

5. Editing the episodes I’m now conscious of patterns in my speech that need attention: Fillers; unnecessarily long pauses in the middle of sentences; rambling on before getting to a question; overusing the word etcetera… etc.

Some of these points feel trivial, but I hope they help.

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