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Two seniors and children on a Tobago beach

Tobago 2022

In August 2022, we sailed from Port of Spain to Tobago on the APT James. My wife insisted on Premium Class, which, if you’re taking a vehicle on the  high speed catamaran, is worth the extra money. As a Trini I always enjoy vacationing in Tobago. There’s a tension that leaves your shoulders as the boat leaves Trinidad.

We stayed in Sandy Point Beach Club, and the kids loved it. The studio apartment is neat, cozy with four beds, kitchen, bathroom, sitting area and small patio. Our room was close to the tennis court and sitting with your coffee it’s thrilling to look at planes flying low and touching down in the airport. There’s a big pool, multiple hot tubs and limbo and fire-eating on Thursday nights.

The first three days were a whirlwind. We hit Pigeon Point, Store Bay, Buccoo Reef, Nylon Pool, Swallow’s Beach. I had the good fortune of linking with two YouTubers from Trinidad, Trini Out and About and Shinezstory. We celebrated mom’s birthday and The Top O’ Tobago, a fantastic getaway for folks who literally want to stay on the top of Tobago. After mom’s birthday lime, we headed to Tobago Plantations and I got a fat lip. As time allows I’ll continue this story. Meanwhile, you can follow our adventures on YouTube.