Mt St Benedict

Today we’re heading to Mt St Benedict. As a parent, I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t take my children out more. I sometimes feel that Between life and work responsibilities it’s easy to plant them in front of the television. But I think about growing up in the 80s and 90s and the fantastic job my parents did taking us places whether it was to the river or to the beach or to KFC. And back then going to KFC was like going to TGI Friday; plus you used to get free refills.

In the abbey shop, we took pictures of everything so we didn’t have to buy anything. Except for Yogurt, a toy crocodile and a toy chicken. Just outside the abbey shop is a staircase of five stairs or six stairs. Get this. The stairs lead to a wall without a door. The stairs remind me of political parties in Trinidad. They lead nowhere.

Inside the church, there’s a quiet you can’t duplicate. Sitting there in the catholic church with my two girls I prayed for a little boy.

Afterwards, we drove through Tunapuna looking for a Chinese restaurant. Found one in El Dorado. We took wontons and Yogurt for my parents and Dad said, “I appreciate it.”

When we got home I put on the television and the kids played with their toys.

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