How to be a professional content creator

Happy New Year.

It’s 9:00 AM. I committed to publishing two articles per week; one at 8:00 AM on a Monday and another at 8:00 AM Thursday. I’m late. Why? Because although I wrote an article I forgot to schedule it for release. Automation is wonderful if you remember to automate. I’m sorry. Please forgive me for being late. I can’t believe I put myself in a position where I’m starting the year with an apology. Very unprofessional.

I’ve learned a lot since setting 11 content creator goals for 2024. And it’s only been two days since I’ve set those goals. Another ambitious goal is to publish one YouTube Shorts every single day. Publish one podcast episode every Tuesday at 8:00 AM. I haven’t edited the episode yet. By setting “concrete goals” I already have a clear picture of what I need to do and where I’m falling short or, to put it bluntly, failing. Along with the goals I’ve established time management is a top priority. And better systems. I can’t be writing an article the night before it’s due. As a content creator, how can I become a professional?

  1. Time: I need a schedule. Besides content creation, I have a job. I have a young family. Ideally, I want to spend time with my wife and children on weekends. if I have to work on Saturdays I will, but I nah work on a Sunday. There. I know my boundaries. It’s important to know your boundaries. I need a schedule. One that involves writing, batch recording and editing every week; despite the “monotony”. Do what I need to do without complaining. Repeating tasks. Google Calendar will help.
  2. Focus: My focus is writing. As I write ideas spring up. I’ve chosen to focus on YouTube because it’s the only platform where I earn revenue as a Caribbean Content Creator. I’ve uninstalled Tik Tok, Facebook Pages and Instagram from my phone, and I’m already reaping the benefits. I’m a solo creator. To maintain focus I’m going to have to back off
  3. Understand what drives you. As a content creator I work fluidly when I share grassroots stories. Stories of hardworking people who are easily overlooked. Stories of people who are quietly working, quietly doing what they do without recognition. Recognition is important. When we recognise people and their work we lift something inside them that may not have moved in years. This drives me, and

There’s so much more to being a professional. As a content creator, what does being a professional mean to you? Let me know in the comments.

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