Corona, the 1990 coup and trivializing slavery

You’re upset. I get it. You’re upset because During the lockdown you did your part: when you went out your wore your mask (over your mouth and over your nose) , you shared memes on Facebook, you learned how to make bread and doubles.
But somebody had to go and spoil everything for everybody. Yes, Nick (Nick is a fake name), we’re talking about you. You’re a delivery driver, you’re sick and you’re going to work. You’re a disappointment to Trinis around the world. Trinis don’t go to work when they sick. Pandemic or pandemic.

There are are two people I love to hear talk. Myself. And Gary Griffith. Referring to the 1990 coup and the police service’s technological advances, he said, We will be able to outgun, out-man, out-think any criminal element or organisation that intends to do anything remotely close to what happened in 1990.” The issue will be solved and individuals will be neutralised in seven minutes,” he said. 

And Covid-19 was like, “Hold my beer.”

Yeah. The police Administration building was shut down after an employee tested positive.  In a way you could say it’s a hostage situation.
We’re human. Sometimes we say stupid things. And sometimes we say really stupid things

For example you have AUXILIARY fire officers saying they are treated worse than slaves, as they are working without vacation, sick, injury or any leave.
Then, during a virtual meeting, you have the opposition leader saying that the Govt’s treatment of stranded Trinis is worse than slavery. I agree. That being locked out of your country is bad. But to go as far as saying that it’s worse than slavery?
That is a really really bad comparison. It trivializes slavery. Makes you sound like a blank man. Or a blank woman.