Caribbean news (and it’s mostly bad news)

Scary week in Trinidad, boy. Floods, a baby injected with poison, bullets like rain, a dread robbery in La Romaine that leave re’l people dead. Pennywise Plaza employees are back out to work, but still traumatized. You know, I’m having a hard time coming to terms with what a traumatized Pennywise employee looks like.

And I’m beginning to feel like I need to look outside of Trinidad to find good news.

In Guyana a 57 year old farmer chopped and killed his 21 year old son, chopped his common-law wife then lit her on fire. Afterwards he drank poison and cut his belly like a Samurai.

On the east coast, a 42-year-old farmer from Wash Clothes, Mahaicony Creek, was killed. Apparently, he went to take a drink with some acquaintances and got into an altercation during the drinking session.

A labourer was sentenced to 6 months in jail for stealing 100 pounds of ginger from a Stabroek Market vendor. The ginger is valued at $80,000. $80,000! for 100 pounds of ginger? You know what that means right? If you live in Trinidad, and you grow ginger, it actually makes sense for you to go Guyana and sell your ginger because in Trinidad 100 pounds of ginger is only worth $2,500.

In Westmoreland, Jamaica, a 28 year-old labourer was gunned down outside a tyreshop on September 22. Back on September 7, in Westmoreland, five men were shot at a bar. Two died. In a separate incident another man was killed.

And on Sunday September 18th, a gunman opened fire at a football match in St Catherine, killing three people and wounding six. Is it that all over the Caribbean the vultures have been let loose? Can you imagine it’s the weekend, you go to a football match, thinking that you’re safe because John Crow say he nah work on a Sunday.